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Donate Land

There are two quite different types of land donations: for preserve establishment or expansion, and for sale for income to the organization.

We will tell you at the outset whether or not we think the land has preservation value. If you decide to bequeath the land to us to sell, we will consider placing a conservation easement on it first, thus restricting future property owners in the use of the land. We can at least guarantee that future property owners can be held to a certain performance standard in regard to the land.

When a new tract of land is suggested as a possible preserve, we always want to walk the land to survey its quality and condition. We have a great deal of expertise on our board for this. We will look at things like forest type and age, presence of non-native species, the diversity of native species including any rare ones, the geology, the bird life, and so forth.

We also have the expertise to research the history of the land to ensure that there are no surprises for you or for us.

There is also a special option that may be rewarding for both parties: donation of land now, while you continue to live on it. This is called a lifetime tenancy or lifetime estate. When you die or decide to relinquish the use of the land, then full title reverts to us. There are many advantages to this approach, and the lifetime estate can be for the entire tract, or just for a designated area.

If you are interested in donating land, please email us at: