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The Plains Preserve

The Plains Preserve (13.5 acres) was established in 2009-2010 to provide right-of-way for a bike path link from the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway to Athens High School and the community of The Plains. This preserve also protects Eclipse Run and provides a land lab for the high school.

Eclipse Run is a perennial stream, which is unusual for the small size of both the stream and its drainage area. However, The Plains is built on a large glacial outwash terrace, a flat area of unconsolidated (non-rock) sediments. This terrace acts like a giant sponge holding water, which drains out year-round, maintaining the flow in Eclipse Run, even in the summer when most Athens County streams of this size dry up.

To get to The Plains Preserve from Athens, follow US-33 0.8 miles west from the OH-550 exit. Turn left on Johnson Road (County Road 7). The preserve starts in 0.2 miles at the intersection with Jackson Road. It continues on both sides of Johnson Rd. for a short stretch, then on the left only, ending at the cemetery.

The _Plains_Preserve-locator
The Plains Preserve Locator Map
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The Plains Preserve Map