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Board of Directors

We have an active, working Board of Directors. Board members are expected to provide a significant time commitment, attend most of the monthly board meetings, and participate in discussions on the board listserv. We normally have 1-2 openings per year, and we need people with energy, enthusiasm for land preservation, and willingness to volunteer for projects.  Board members with experience in real estate, grant preparation, or law are particularly needed.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board assists the Board of Directors. This does not require a significant time commitments. Advisors are welcome to attend board meetings and participate in discussions on the board listserv but are not required to.

Board Committees

We need people to serve on our committees to fulfill various functions, such as property monitoring, publicity, fundraising, and preparation of specific grant applications.  It is not necessary to be a board member to serve on a committee.

Invasive Species Control

We can use any number of volunteers for control of non-native invasive plants in our preserves. This can be hard work but it’s rewarding to know that you’re improving the quality of our lands.

Athens-Belpre Rail-Trail

The Athens-Belpre Rail-Trail has its own governing committee, with the Athens Conservancy acting as fiscal agent. More help is needed with this effort.

If you wish to volunteer in any of these capacities, please email us at: