Trimble Township Community Forest

AOA Trimble Forest Page
The Trimble Township Community Forest comprises some 1200 acres of former Sunday Creek Coal Company lands, purchased by the Appalachia Ohio Alliance with Clean Ohio Conservation Fund moneys. It is administered, in part, as a land lab for Trimble High School. It is centered around Derthick Road, Taylor Ridge Road, and Bethany Hill Road. This land has had a long history of resource extraction: coal, timber, oil, natural gas, and so it is in recovery mode.
To reach this area from Athens, go out Columbus Road to Ohio State Route 13. Turn left on Ohio State Route 13, then turn right in Chauncey to stay on 13. Go 8.8 miles to Glouster from the turn in Chauncey. At the stoplight in Glouster, turn left on Ohio State Route 78. Go 1.2 miles to Derthick Road, on the left, and turn left. The Forest is from to 0.1 to 1.9 miles on this road (1.9 is when the road tees into Goose Run Road after it becomes Taylor Ridge Road).