Appalachia Ohio
Alliance Lands

The Appalachia Ohio Alliance is a 501(c)(3) land trust based in Hocking County, Ohio.

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Hocking County

1. AOA Conservation Demonstration Site
52 acres in Good Hope Township. Partly private land, Demonstration Site owned by AOA with adjacent conservation easements.
2. Mercer Woods
116 acres in Good Hope Township, Hocking County, and Berne Township, Fairfield County. Recently donated to the AOA. Includes the AOA office.
3. Bison Hollow Preserve
220 acres in Benton Township, Hocking County, and in Jackson Township Vinton County, bordering the south end of Ash Cave. Visitation by permit only.

Fairfield County

4. Kleinmaier State Nature Preserve
32 acres in Berne Township, a component of Rhododendron Grove State Nature Preserve. Visitation by permit only.

Athens County

5. Trimble Township Community Forest
1200 acres in Trimble Township, former Sunday Creek Coal Company lands, largely surrounded by O'Dowd Wildlife Area.
6. Sickles Preserve
70 acres in Waterloo Township, largely surrounded by Zaleski State Forest.

Vinton County

7. Earthtouch Preserve
Also known as Niches. 326 acres in Elk Township.

Jackson County

8. Cackley Swamp Preserve
275 acres, bordering Cooper Hollow Wildlife Area.

Pickaway County

9. Bartley Preserve
112 acres in Circleville Township.

AOA-Assisted Projects

10. Waterloo Wildlife Research Station
2667 acres total, but AOA assistance with 945 acres in Waterloo Township, Athens County