Athens Conservancy Lands

The Athens Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) land trust based in Athens, Ohio.

Athens Conservancy Website

Athens-Belpre Rail-Trail
Around 13 miles of new rail-trail, currently in disconnected sections. This is a project in process! 150 acres in Athens, Rome and Troy Townships.
Baker Easement
269 acres in Canaan Township, fronting on US-50 and OH-690
Blair Preserve
65 acres in Canaan Township on the west side of Strouds Run State Park
Bluebell Preserve
64.5 acres in Dover and York Townships along the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway west of The Plains
Mineral Property
About an acre in Mineral in Waterloo Township, intended to be the nucleus of a trailhead for the Moonville Rail-Trail; not linked
Poston Preserve South
22 acres in York Township along the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway northwest of the Bluebell Preserve. Our newest preserve.
Skunk Run Preserve
27 acres in Troy Township along the Athens-Belpre Rail-Trail
The Plains Preserve
12.5 acres along Johnson Road in Athens Township in The Plains
Tucker Run Preserve
50 acres in Canaan Township on the northwest border of Strouds Run State Park

Athens Conservancy-Assisted Projects

Riddle State Nature Preserve
106 acres in Athens Township, adjacent to Sells Park
Strouds Ridge Preserve
Total 275 acres, including Riddle and Sells Park, in Athens and Canaan Townships