Pretty Run Preserve

196 acres in Jackson Township, Vinton County. The Buckeye Trail Association purchased this property in 2011 in order to provide off-road right-of-way for the BENCAD Trail. This purchase has enabled three miles of off-road trail in the gap between Tar Hollow State Park and Hocking Hills State Park, where the trail had been entirely on roads. The association is working on moving this entire stretch off-road, with some assistance from the Appalachia Ohio Alliance.

Directions to Pretty Run

Take OH-56 about 32 miles west from OH-682 almost to OH-664 in Hocking County. Just before the intersection of OH-56 with OH-664, turn left on Goose Creek Road, County Road 249. Go 2.0 miles to Lowery Road, Township Road 234. Turn right on Lowery Road. Lowery Road crosses the Hocking-Vinton County line at about 1.15 miles and becomes Macedonia Road, Vinton County Road 47. Go 3 1/4 miles on Lowery/Macedonia Road to Macedonia Church Road, T-35, which may be shown as Shaw Road on some maps. Turn left on Macedonia Church Road, which is not much more than a dirt track. Go about 1/4 mile, across the place where the stream and road coincide, and park in front of the gate. Go uphill behind the gate to reach the trail. Park on the roadside.

Total distance from downtown Athens: about 39 miles.