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Rock shelter, Log Cabin Hollow,
Waterloo Township,
Athens County, Ohio

Athens Conservancy GIS Center

Welcome to our GIS resource center. GIS = geographic information systems; this center will help you with mapping, recreation, study, and land management needs. We provide several outlinks for information not available directly at this site; we offer only ArcView-type shapefiles on this site, and only ones that we have either generated from scratch or extensively modified from other sources. All files are as accurate as the best information that we can obtain, but we cannot guarantee absolute accuracy. If absolute accuracy is needed, check property records and hire a surveyor.

About GIS

A brief tutorial about GIS, with references to GPS and remote sensing.

Public Access GIS Services

Find out how the Athens Conservancy can work with your organization, with you as a landowner, or with you for other public-interest projects.

GIS Shapefiles Available at this Site

These are all either proprietary shapefiles generated by the Athens Conservancy/Athens Trails or else shapefiles from elsewhere that have been extensively modified. In the second case, they are usually more accurate than the original shapefiles.

Finished Maps at the Southeast Ohio Mapping Center

These are maps that have been generated from the GIS system, and posted in finished form on-line. Some are trail maps, some are maps of public open space, and some are other types of maps. These are mostly in .gif form because this is a space-efficient format, and can be printed out from any computer, although some are fairly large.

Outlinks to Shapefiles and Orthofotos Available Elsewhere

These are links to other sites, mostly government sites, that offer GIS file resources.

Outlinks to Maps Available Elsewhere

These are usually links to websites that point to maps (warning: many in .pdf format). Most of these are government sites.

Outlinks to Other Resources

Links to places where mapping software, etc., can be found.

This page was last revised on October 25, 2017.
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